Did you put up some jam or veggies this summer?  Roasting your own coffee?  Making syrups or soda?  Baking bread?  Drying fruit?  Got the still going?  Bring your makings to East Bay Mini Maker Faire on October 16th for a special edition of Kendra Pomo’s East Bay Homemade Food Swaps.

We found out about Kendra’s cool events through out Homesteader Stage media sponsor, Edible East Bay.  They wrote a great article on all the gleaning and food sharing activities going on in the East Bay.  Kendra’s version is a super fun one.  The idea is this:

The event operates like a silent auction where swappers jot down their offers. This gives other swappers an idea of who wants their goods and what they’d score in exchange. At the end of a designated bidding period people can decide who to trade with. Typically, there’s a tasting station too. For the first hour people mill about, chatting and checking out the chow. Then the bidding begins. Once everyone has had a chance to make their swap choices known the actual trades take place. Informal verbal requests for unclaimed items follow, once written swaps have been honored. The idea, after all, is to go home with different foods than the ones you brought. (From Edible East Bay.)

Intrigued?  Want to participate? Here’s how:

  1. Register to participate at  http://ebcaswaps.blogspot.com/. There’s only 30 slots available, so you’ve got to do this ahead of time.
  2. Kendra will send you your special discount code for tickets to East Bay Mini Maker Faire.  Buy your tickets!
  3. Arrive at the Faire and check in your goods at the Urban Food Swap area by 12:15 p.m.
  4. Food swap begins promptly at 12:30 p.m. and will finish up by 1:30 p.m.

And, hey, if you don’t have something right now, no sweat!  You’ve got 3 weeks to get it done… But don’t miss the opportunity – sign up today!