10397747715_b53c1d94d2_k A room-filling surreal miniature landscape made from… masking tape? Words cannot possibly do justice to the installation of imagination that is Danny Scheible’s Tapigami. 11292090216_0fae84b9be_zCome experience it in person (Studio One 2nd floor!). And once you have caught your breath, try your hand at creating, and become part of the art.  Get your tickets now! Sunday is nearly upon us.

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ModelTGTImagine taking an 87 year-old Model T truck frame, the front suspension from a malaise-era Pinto, and the engine from a 90’s Mustang and making a racecar. Now imagine winning…alot…and driving to the race legally on public roads. The 24 Hours of LeMons series is a Maker tour de force. Where mechanical chops (and sweat equity) are required to help teams come up with winners under the $500 budget cap. ferd Along with the Model T GT will be Spirit of Chump Car-winning Ferdinand the Bug whose adorable googley-eyed exterior hides a ferocious Subaru power plant and just to make things TRULY challenging…dual controls!  Come talk to these Maker-racers on Sunday October 19th and find out how you can turn your driveway eyesore into a track-day champion.

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Burning AMPBurning Amp is an annual celebration of audio systems made by their owners. But in 2014 they will only be appearing at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire. Projects can range from battery-powered headphone amps that fit in an Altoids tin to huge vacuum tube powered systems that cover a tabletop. Most electronics these days warn you that they contain “high voltages” but up until the 1960’s many major manufacturers offered consumers the chance to wire up kit versions of their best-selling components (often with 600 Volts or more under the hood!).


Here’s my father wiring up a Dynaco preamplifier (that still works 50 years later).  There is still a huge community of Makers on sites like DIYAudio creating beautiful, fantastic sounding speakers, amplifiers and even turntables and digital components.  Come get inspired to wire up a desktop amplifier…or something more elaborate like Nelson Pass’s car-sized Kleinhorn speakers.131450=4536-ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 27 08.54

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That mother of all maker spaces, Oakland’s own Crucible, was an inspiring venue for 100 makers of all ages to kickoff preparations for the 5th Annual East Bay Mini Maker Faire!

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After a tour of the Crucible’s many workspaces, dedicated to everything from pouring molten iron to the creation of delicate jewelry, we exchanged ideas over locally brewed Linden Street beer and chili, and got a glimpse of what people are hoping to share at EBMMF on October 19th!

Whether you came or just WISH you did, fill our Call for Makers application out now…and get to work! October will be here soon

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