flight3Unleash your inner Maverick, Goose, or Ice Man in the cockpit of an F-35 fighter jet—or a simulated version of one, at least. FLIGHT Next Generation is an innovative flight-simulation system that lets you experience the rush of the cockpit without getting a pilot’s license. In addition to getting a feel for the intense multitasking pilots flight2must master—tracking speed, monitoring fuel levels, and watching altitude (while also avoiding enemy fire)—you can familiarize yourself with authentic cockpit instruments as you virtually navigate the open skies.

FLIGHT Next Generation’s creator, Andre Barton, is making his East Bay Mini Maker Faire debut, having only recently discovered the maker movement. He learned about it from a neighbor, who encouraged him to check out Maker Faire Bay Area. Little did he know that inside the gates he would discover a whole community of kindred spirits, not to mention a legion of new fans. Don’t miss your chance to join their ranks: check out FLIGHT Next Generation in person at Sunday’s faire!