It’s going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow!  Fall in the East Bay—and surrounded by the best, brightest, most creative!

Here’s some reminders of what to bring:

  • Your tickets, either printed, or downloaded to your mobile phone.
  • Some extra cash/credit cards for the awesome food trucks, beer booth, and crafter shopping.
  • Clothing or items to screenprint at the Grease Diner screenprinting booth.
  • Plastic toys & figurines to donate to the Toy Hack booth—and then to hack!
  • Clothes to transform in the Swap-O-Rama-Rama.
  • Hat and/or sunscreen, as a lot of the event is outside.
  • A water bottle to help you and yours stay hydrated.
  • Your bike! Free bike valet parking on 42nd Street – come in style!
  • Friends! They can still get tickets here & pre-purchase day-of tickets before hitting the gates.

Those especially prepared will have scanned through:

Remember auto PARKING is limited and biking and walking and transit are just more fun anyway!

Gates open at 10 a.m.  See you in the morning!!