fistofflour1The food at the Faire is fantastic.  Curated by the folks behind Bites off Broadway, our food truck and booth and beer lineup is pretty inviting!

Hog’s Apothecary — Curtis will be curating local microbrews a cider

Munch India —organic Indian

Fist of Flour—wood fired pizza

Doc’s of the Bay—beef and veggie burgers

Burnt Ends BBQ—mac n cheese, brisket, chicken and ribs

Cassave Taqueria—traditional “taco” truck with a Calfornia twist

Sunrise Deli—Middle Eastern falafel and salads (vegan option)

Girl Friday—Savory Italian doughnuts

Kenny’s Heart and Soul—Soulful chicken, ribs, baked beans, cornbread and greens

Bombzies BBQ—rice chicken bowl with Asian marinades

Tante’s—knishes, garlic fries

Torpedo Sushi—Sushi burritos

Kancha’s Kitchen—Nepalese momos and curries

Groaning Board

Beulah’s Beans—Coffee/teas and sandwiches for kids

Curbside Creamery—Ice cream sandwiches (vegan option)

Rainbow Italian Ice

Ruru Soul Juice—organic juice smoothies and fruit bowls

Bowld Acai—organic frozen acai with fruit

Babsi’s Vienese Treats

We the Minis—pastries