Burning Man countdown is on!  Teams are working long hours to get sculptures, art cars and camps ready for the trip out to the desert.

Saturday I stopped out at NIMBYspace and got to witness the happy making frenzy.  Music going and teams of folks pooling time and energy, getting sweaty (100 degrees!!) and dirty, getting their fun ready to head out to the desert for the epic annual art fest.

NIMBYspace is one of Oakland’s maker crown jewels, a home to many makers — not just Burning Man projects.  It boasts 70,000 square feet of studio space (most indoor + quite a lot of outdoor build space), plus a shared woodshop and a shared metal shop.  It’s located down by the Oakland Coliseum.

Love NIMBY’s “mission” words on their website:

It is our goal for makers to not just create but to also experiment and explore. This supportive culture is at the root of the amazing art that emerges from the doors of our unique community. No one can do it alone, and by placing a high value on collaboration and diversity an environment emerges for innovation and freedom of expression. NIMBY is a community and volunteer driven space with a commitment to bringing the maker experience to local schools, community groups, and the neighborhoods of Oakland.

The compound is one of the cornerstones of East Bay maker habitat, not to mention our Faire.  Snook and Dave and Dave and Clody and others have been a huge influx of great activities (sheet metal tool boxes anyone?!) and art at East Bay Mini Maker Faire, and it seems like 2015 is going to be a banner year for NIMBY at EBMakerFaire.  Talked to loads of Burners and non-burners about our show and I’m excited for what folks seemed interested in bringing out.

Meanwhile, best of luck to all teams with their projects!  See you on the other side.

You'll Do Detective Agency mobil force in-the-making

You’ll Do Detective Agency mobil force in-the-making

Airpusher's rig will float a giant balloon

Airpusher’s rig will float a giant balloon

Fire effect

Fire effect “poofers” ready for testing for OneManDown’s Fire Helix

Flaming Lotus Girls fire safety meeting

Flaming Lotus Girls fire safety meeting


NIMBY's metalshop

NIMBY’s metalshop

Making sure your transpo makes it is a priority.

Making sure your transpo makes it is a priority.

P.S. Playa-bound:  Our Call for Makers closes right when you get back and you’ll be in hiding/recovery.  Fill it out now, before you head out!  Or email