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American Steel Studios, Oakland’s six-acre makerspace, was home today to a huge inaugural festival for new Mayor Libby Schaaf.  Schaaf, whose branding centers around a “Made in Oakland” theme, has repeatedly paid tribute to the thriving maker scene in Oakland, and has been getting lots of press with her recent rides in Oakland’s famed Snail Car.

Schaaf has got to be the only Mayor in America to have thrown their inaugural ball in a makerspace.

Former Oakland Mayor and current Governor Jerry Brown cruised American Steel today with Schaaf.  Congresswoman Barbara Lee was on stage and paid tribute to Libby and Oakland.  Artists and makers across the tech and culture spectrum were out in force.  “This is not your Daddy’s inaugural ball!” said Schaaf, before leading the huge crowd in the cupid shuffle.

What does all this mean for makers?  Clearly it’s too early to know,  but Schaaf was (as Councilperson) behind Oakland’s new 1% for the arts law.  An inaugural ball in one of the city’s premier spots for making is an auspicious start.

P.S. Note our 2015 date is up!  Libby, you’re more than invited on Sunday, October 18th—let’s get together to talk how this event can greater benefit Oakland and East Bay makers.