15382369689_6635181bf3_oTomorrow morning the gates will open and hordes of people will walk into the Faire with the Nautilus on one side of them and Ursus Redivivus on the other.  The bikers among them will have confidently parked their rides in the secure bike corral next to the main gate, and drivers will have paid $5 to park at Emerson School 2 blocks away at 4803 Lawton St.

The prepared among them will have brought:

  • Their tickets, either printed (preferable) or downloaded to phones
  • Cash for the awesome food trucks and crafter shopping
  • Clothing for the Swap-O-Rama-Rama screenprinting and textile hack zone
  • Small appliances in need of help for the FIXIT Clinic.
  • Sunscreen, hats, and water.

Those especially prepared will have checked out the amazing list of Makers here, looked over the schedule of presentations, workshops, and music here, and planned their attack.

Burning Man 2011But lots of folks will just show up at 360 42nd Street, buy a ticket, and see what happens.  And that’s great too.

Either way, see you tomorrow!  The gate opens at 10am.