Thanks so much for coming out to East Bay Mini Maker Faire Number Two!

The magic of Maker Faire is in the people:  the spirit and generosity that Makers and event organizers express, and the curious and 0pen nature that attendees bring with them to the event.  Thank you all for making the East Bay Mini Maker Faire a fantastic Maker Faire!

There are obviously way too many appreciations to offer up, but here’s some standouts:

  • Makers.  You are it.  There wouldn’t be anything to talk about if you didn’t make.
  • Park Day School staff, parents, teachers and community.  This is an entirely volunteer-run event, and hands-down you all worked unbelievably hard to make it happen and run so smoothly.  Thank you for being so game, for spending all of your time and energy, and for sharing Park’s incredible campus as a venue.
  • MAKE Magazine and O’Reilly Media for having the vision to share (and license) Maker Faire to community organizations.  Read MAKE Magazine.
  • Several Individuals from outside the school community supported the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in a big way.  So many deep props to Tricia McGillis for visual and web design; Scheffer Ely for serving as event operations lead; music stage manager Katy Bell; Karla Macedo for poster design.
  • And thanks again to our sponsors (see right)— especially latecomers Ranahan Production Services, for lending 30 radios and tons more gear, and Aidells Sausages and Semifreddis bakery for feeding our Makers.

It’s dangerous to start calling out names because it truly takes THIS VILLAGE.

But before we disperse until #3:   please upload and share your photos and videos, and tag with #ebmakerfaire.  Here’s mine, for a start.  And spout your experiences here and via Twitter and Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2012!


  • Erin says:

    I had such a great time sharing art journals with all the makers (especially the little makers who sat down and filled their whole books from start to finish!)
    Thank you organizers, volunteers, attendees and other makers for a great day!

  • Christine says:

    Wow! Just want to say we LOVED the Maker Faire. My 5 year old son and I had a hard time leaving. Thanks so much for all the dedicated hard work that went into it. We can’t wait for next year!

  • Aly Geller says:

    how can we get on your mailing list? We go to the ‘big’ maker faire, but had no idea this one existed.

  • pahlkadot says:

    On the main page, below all the sponsors, there is a “Subscribe to our mailing list” button. Click there. Hope you can come next year! Date is likely Oct 14th.

  • pahlkadot says:

    Thank you! We all had a great time too, but especially wonderful seeing everyone show up and have such fantastic maker experiences! Come again next year! (oct 14th)

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