yes, it might rainWell, the forecast for Sunday calls for “chance of showers,” but in the true Maker spirit, we are undaunted by this challenge!  Yes, it’s true, we were counting on utilizing the four-acre Park Day School campus, and yes, it’s true that several of the activities planned for outdoors will need to move indoors, but what’s a Maker experience without enormous design constraints that change at the last minute?  Of course, if any makers are currently working on weather control devices, now might be a good time for a beta test. 😉

What’s changing if it rains?
We have rented some fantastic space in the very Maker-ish Studio One arts center next door to Park Day School where several of the Makers and Crafters who need to be indoors will now be found.  Many outdoor Makers are coming up with small tents to cover their wares.  Overall, we’re going on the theory that Makers are tough, curious, motivated folks who won’t be put off by a little water falling from the sky.  In fact, it will be great for the greywater demonstration. 😉

What should I bring?

  • Umbrella, rain jackets and wet weather clothes, fortitude
  • Small household appliances to fix at the Fix-it Clinic
  • Clothes and other fabric to donate to the Costume-o-Rama-Rama: any size men’s womens and kids…in decent condition. Anything leftover will be donated to local charities.
  • Cash for lunch, for fantastic crafts to buy, and for maker kits and other goodies (there is no ATM nearby)
  • Your bike. Please consider biking to the Mini Maker Faire if you can. There is valet bike parking courtesy of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

What’s the parking situation?
We do now have 2 lots near the school that will be available to ease the parking crunch.  Please refer to the Get to the Faire page for more information.

Wow, the workshops now sound all that much more appealing!
Yes, we will publish the workshop schedule here on the blog later today.  But do keep in mind that all the workshops are limited in space and are first come, first served, so if you’re really keen on one in particular, make sure you get there early to reserve yourself a space.

Hey, if  it rains, couldn’t something go wrong?
Yes! We’ve been working hard on a rain plan, and we think it’s a good plan, but it’s likely we’ll experience some glitches as we make adjustments for these circumstances.  We hope you’ll bear with us and enjoy the adventure!

Photo Credit: Atomic Jeep on Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License