Erika Horvath

Erika and her mini-makers

As a teacher, crafter and blogger, Erika Horvath knows the importance of helping children see themselves as creators as well as consumers, and to inspire them to shape the world around them. She believes making and exploring how others make things is as important as school to kids’ educations, so she volunteered to help us get the word out to local schools. If you’re a local parent or a teacher, get in touch with Erika about spreading the word to your school community.

The East Bay Mini Maker can benefit your school, too. Schools who promote the event can register for either a 15% discount for their community, or to get 15% of the value of tickets sold back to their school to benefit their own programs.  All you have to do is contact us, tell us whether you want the discount or the affiliate program (bonus cash for your school) and we’ll send you a code that your community can use to register.